Maik Bollhorn – President & CEO

Maik brings 31 years experience to Glas Werk Inc. (GWi) and continues to share his knowledge with the organization on all levels. Maik has assembled some of the best tradesman in the business with an average trade experience of 15 + years. Originally from Germany, Maik perfected his skill under West Deutsche Quarzschmelze Gmbh (a GE-Europe Company) and began to establish himself as one of the key leaders in quartz ware design and production. He quickly ventured into new techniques and proved his abilities.

Maik, is now living the American dream. He found his way to the United States in 1983 and soon opened the doors to GWi. As the company leader, Maik still believes in not hiding in the corner office but rather supporting the organization on every plane. Maik is what you would call a servant leader. He is a visionary that believes through a little hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Maik is married with two kids and brings a humble nature to everything he applies himself towards. His hobbies include mountain, road biking, and he is active in his church. You will often find Maik in the rugged outdoors; and rumor is Maik makes a pretty “mean” campfire smore.

Sabine Heidel – Chief Financial Officer

Sabine brings an analytical approach to business and applies this philosophy to the internal procedures at Glas Werk. With 25 years in corporate business, Sabine brings a strength in finance principles. Her determination through an analytical method allows the stability that GWi demands to maintain a healthy business process. She has been a corporate leader in both Europe and the United States and holds a back ground in venture development and investing. She manages the financial structure of the business and has been the Chief Financial Officer for GWi since its start.

She enjoys the simple things in life and her philosophy is to take each step with wisdom yet move forward with curiosity. Sabine moved from Germany to the United States in the early 80’s and is an active community volunteer; including volunteering at her children’s school, the acting President of her kids competitive swim and synchronized swimming teams, and other non-profit organizations. Sabine takes interest in photography and hopes to one day become a published photographer.