Quartz glass has become one of the most exceptional materials used in industry today.   With a wide range of valued attributes and combination of very specific properties, quartz glass has opened a range of new applications in the solar energy, bio-medical, semiconductor, fiber optics, modern laser technologies, medical research, and more. With specific compounds not found in any other material, quartz glass contains unparallel quality in purity, light, and heat.  Also the unique optical, mechanical, and thermal properties make quartz glass indispensable.  With its ability to be shaped into complex yet precision designs, quartzware is an extraordinary product that has become the material of choice in high tech manufacturing, engineering, and industry today. 

  • Very high chemical purity and resistance
  • Thermal Resistant and high softening temperature
  • Low thermal expansion and impermeable
  • High resistance to thermal shocks
  • High transparency in the spectral range: from the violet to the infrared
  • High irradiation resistance

AT Glas Werk Inc. our long time experience and constant innovation have given us the competency to manufacture quartz glass to your specific applications.  We identify those specific properties that make quartz glass so valuable and recognize its diversity in application and production.