Slide Glas Werk, Inc. Glas Werk offers custom fabrication, machining, design, and repair services for quartz and glass products. We are ready to start your custom project today. Contact us now! Email now: moc.krewsalgnull@ofni

Advantages of using Quartz glass:

Quartz is the purest form of glass, allowing for higher temperatures therefor the design process is different then Borosilicate glass.

Glas Werk Custom Projects:

Have a drawing or idea? Let Glas Werk build it for you.
Your imagination combined with out skilled team enables you to create anything.

Glas Werk Services:

Glas Werk offers the unique services such as engineer help, custom fabrication, and repairs of quartz and glass ware.

Glas Werk, Inc. manufactures Custom Quartzware, Quartz Glass & Scientific Glassblowing Materials For The Semiconductor Industry. Products Include Furnace Tubes, Horizontal/Vertical Wafer Boats (2-12″), Process Tubes & Chambers, Pedestals, Transparent & Opaque Bell Jars, Large Quartz Coils, Injection & T/C Sheets, & Solid Machining In Ceramics & Quartz. Servicing Industrial & Manufacturing Sectors Including R&D, Air Pollution Control Testing, Medical Glass Instruments, & Laboratory Glassware. Custom Quartz Parts For Applications Including Semiconductor, Optical Communication & Lighting Industries. Machinery Processes CNC Mill, Vertical Annealing Apparatus, Large Kiln & Automated Flame Polishing. Design & Engineering Assistance Available.

Glas Werk Inc. offers customers quality custom quartz parts for application in the semiconductor, optical communication and lighting industries, just to name a few.  We have developed truly innovative solutions for the unique challenges present in each of these industries and possess a thorough understanding of the real world needs and expectations our customers demand. This understanding is a constant motivating force driving Glas Werk to produce products that exceed customer expectations.