Glas Werk Inc. (GWI), an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has been providing superior fabrication to the Solar Energy, Bio-Medical, Semi-Conductor, Fiber Optic, Academics, and other markets for over thirty years. We are a specialized quartz ware firm established on the principles that integrity drives quality. Our state-of-the-art facility, attention to detail, combined with competitive pricing and award winning customer service has allowed us to set a new standard in the quartz ware industry.

Quality Policy

Glas Werk, Inc. (GWI) is committed to provide quality products on time that meet and exceed customer and legal expectations and continually improve the QMS.

Mission Statement

Glas Werk and its employees are devoted to always strive to help our customers achieve their goals through quality product, on-time delivery & fair pricing. Through innovative thinking, Glas Werk collaborates with their customers to provide creative solutions to problems.


We are here to satisfy our customer’s needs. We do that by providing custom manufactured glass products as well as machining services to our customer’s specifications.

Great relationships are built on the ability to provide the customer with a great value, and this is what Glas Werk, Inc. (GWI) has been doing for over twenty years.

We continue to progress with a program of ongoing improvement, and operate in a culture of pride, skill, and efficiency.

GWI is your complete quartz ware provider; there is no job to big…there is no job to small.

Founded in 1990, and we are located in Orange County, California.  We are a global company with clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Excellence is a characteristic that defines us while commoditizing the market with competitive pricing. GWI upholds the most stringent standards and we do not compromise on product quality.

Our designers are experts in the trade of glass blowing.   Each master glass blower is trained in the most advance techniques in quartz glass and is part of our exclusive GWI continuous training program (CTP).  We recognize the need to continually improve and extend our trade, therefore we arrange for the opportunity to strengthen ones skills through a variety of CTP courses available.  We believe the constant pursuit of perfection is a daily commitment by everyone here at GWI.

At GWI we understand the discipline of quartz ware fabrication and revere the responsibilities to manufacture first class goods.

GWI is recognized as the manufacture of choice.  We take pride in our un-parallel personal service and we want to prove our dedication to you.  We strive to give one of the most positive customer experiences.  Tell us your requirements, we will listen, and we will meet your needs.  Gives us a call and meet the helpful staff at Glas Werk Inc. 800-745-2793 or email us at moc.krewsalgnull@ofni

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • A Tradition of Excellence
  • World Class Quality
  • US Corporation…Global Market
  • The Most Stringent Standards
  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • On Time Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing


Semi Conductor


fiberopticsFiber Optics

solarSolar Energy




Bio-Medical / Biotechnology





and Others


Maik Bollhorn – President

Maik Bollhorn

Maik brings 35 years’ experience to Glas Werk Inc. and continues to share his knowledge with the organization on all levels. Maik has assembled some of the best tradesman in the business with an average trade experience of 20 + years. Originally from Germany, Maik perfected his skill under West Deutsche Quartzschmelze Gmbh (a GE-Europe Company) and began to establish himself as one of the key leaders in quartz ware design and production. He quickly ventured into new techniques and proved his abilities by applying robotics to the ancient art of glassblowing.

Maik, is now living the American dream. He found his way to the United States in 1983 and soon opened the doors to GWI. As the company leader, Maik still believes in not hiding in the corner office but rather supporting the organization on every plane. Maik is what you would call a servant leader. He is a visionary that believes through a little hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Maik is married with two kids and brings a humble nature to everything he applies himself towards. His hobbies include mountain, road biking, and he is active in his church. You will often find Maik in the rugged outdoors far away from civilization, searching for gold and rare gemstones.

Sabine Heidel – Chief Financial Officer

Sabine Heidel

Sabine brings an analytical approach to business and applies this philosophy to the internal procedures at Glas Werk. With 25 years in corporate business, Sabine brings a strength in finance principles. Her determination through an analytical method allows the stability that GWI demands to maintain a healthy business process. She has been a corporate leader in both Europe and the United States and holds a back ground in venture development and investing. She manages the financial structure of the business and has been the Chief Financial Officer for GWI since its start. She worked for 10 years at  West Deutsche Quarzschmelze Gmbh (a GE-Europe Company) and finished her business degree in 1982 in Germany before immigrating to the United States.

She enjoys the simple things in life and her philosophy is to take each step with wisdom yet move forward with curiosity. Sabine moved from Germany to the United States in the late 80’s. For many years she was an active community volunteer; including volunteering at her children’s school, the acting President of her kids competitive swim and synchronized swimming teams, and other non-profit organizations. Sabine’s hobbies these days are glass fusing and stain glass art. She enjoys spending time with her two kids, walking her three dogs and hanging with her adorable two cats.

Janina Bollhorn – Director of Operations & Sales

Janina Bollhorn

Janina is a graduate of University of Redlands with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Prior to Glas Werk, Janina worked in Transportation & Logistics for a grocery store chain and can implement her leadership training/skills into her current role at Glas Werk as Director of Operations. She is responsible for the operations of the company to attain growth and profit for Glas Werk. When Janina is not at work, she is enjoying her time at the beach with family & friends. She has one orange cat named Simba.

Maurice Bollhorn – Director of Manufacturing

Maurice Bollhorn

Maurice is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Business Administration. He has an in-depth knowledge of the global shipping industry with both work and school experience. He also worked as a truck driver delivering much needed loads across United States. Maurice is the son of the Maik and Sabine. He is heavily involved in developing future business opportunities and helping existing customers of Glas Werk in the accounting department. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his new puppy, her name is Belle you may even be able to meet her if you come visit our office. He also loves to volunteer time at his church, helping with running slides and music for the kid’s ministry and volunteering as a greeter at the young adult services on Sunday. You can also find him riding his motorcycle around on local roads or out in the desert creating new adventures.


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